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Our Products : Steel Windows and Doors

Built to be strong and durable

The inherent strength of steel windows means that they provide more protection than any other window type against intruders and fire and are available with tried and tested locking systems.
S-MAT System Prepaint Steel Doors and Windows have various style single hinged door, double hinged doors, single swing door, double swing door and sliding door. S-MAT System is designed to match with 10mm., 20mm. and 40mm. of wall thickness. The result is attractive appearance, strong and durable wall
Steel windows and doors are thermally efficient. As an example, the thermal resistance of steel is 5 times greater than that of aluminum.
Steel windows maintenance is not a worry because they are incredibly durable and have a long life. Galvanized windows are permanently sealed against corrosion, they will not rust and should last the life of your home, while prepaint steel windows and doors do not require redecoration for 15-20 years. Colour standards have red, green, brown, white, gray, blue, cream or custom colour as you select from a vast range colour to match your requirements.
Over 50 years of experience, perfectly and modern Italian windows and doors system in research and develop of S-MAT System are accepted in over 30 countries. Framing material is steel sheet according to ASTM A 528 standard. Galvanized coating with ZEND ZIMIR System according to ASTM A 525 Z 200 standard. With prepaint technology including cold roll, bending and inside seam punching system result in high level of aesthetic appeal and durable.
Product Performance
1. Mechanical strength standard, BS 5.590
2. Sodium chloride resistance
3. Glavanized coating standard, ASTM A525
4. E[oxy+Polyester colour
5. Water tightness and Air permeability standard, BS 4315 Part 1, UNIT 7522
6. Thermal transmittance standard, UNIT 7357
7. Sound proof standard, UNIT /CE0039
8. Wind resistance standard, UNIT 7532

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