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Our Products : Skylight

S-MAT, The Highest quality and Most innovative skylight system for the commercial and residential building.

Sermat has expanded our laminated glass system to include polycarbonate sheeting system to offering cost-effective skylight options. Our system can be installed directly on steel supporting structures or as self-supporting aluminium frame.

The Ideal for structures such as smaller span skylights, canopies, walkway covers.
We offer for greater spanning ability sometimes required for larger projects such as atrium, stadiums, and shopping centers.
Sermat Co., ltd. guarantees to provide customers :
    Competitive pricing
    Timely completions
    Dedicated / knowledgeable staff
    Creative design and engineering capabilities
Polycarbonate Features:
1) Good light transmission performance: the light transmission degree reaches 12 - 88% according to different colors
2) Good UV-protection and resist-against
3) Good effect of sound insulation: effectively reduce the noise
4) Impact resistance:80 times that of glass,15 times that of acrylic sheeting  
6) Lightweight, easy to carry and drill, can be cold bent directly, convenient
for construction
7) Temperature resistance range: -20ºC – 120ºC