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Create an atmosphere of well being! With the architectural and constructive possibilities offered by S-MAT SYSTEM Spaceframe.

S-MAT reputation as premier spaceframe choice is built on commitment to the highest standards in design, fabrication and installation.
S-MAT SYSTEM Spaceframe, The innovative range of design modular-truss building structures, is simple and elegant - providing a lightweight, flexible building alternative that can be suspended, cantilevered or mounted on columns.
Supporting a range of roof types, metal decking and skylighting formats, S-MAT system Spaceframe is ideal for complex multi-levels, curved or vaulted designs where both aesthetics and structural strength go together.
Through the use of special spaceframe software carried out using finite element concept, different three-dimension framework construction of the S-MAT SYSTEM spaceframe are analyzed by means of latest computer system. The member forces, reaction at supports and deflection values are computed for all load cases.
Combinations of attractive appearance, high quality engineering and cost-effectiveness make it the perfect product for any Architect, Engineer with an eye for style. We believe the only limits you will find with the S-MAT SYSTEM spaceframe, are the boundaries of your own imagination.
Do not be afraid of your unconventional plans & ideas. We are always at your disposal even during the planning stage. Give us a call or write to us, we are your partners.

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