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Sermat Company Limited was established in 1996 by Mr. Korakot U-nanupap. The Company is a designer, assembler, and distributor of frames, steel doors and windows, special aluminum framed doors and windows, flashing as well as skylights. Importantly, it prides itself on being the first company in Thailand which designs and distributes space frames, curtain wall panels with cold-rolled steel, as well as aluminum wood-cladding doors and windows.

The Company’s staff consists of experienced engineers and architects who are specialized at designing and assembling metal, aluminum and wooden products used for frames, doors, and windows. As well, its staff is specialized at designing and assembling space frames and skylights for different types of buildings in line with the customers’ needs. The Company’s main products include the following:

   (1) Aluminum doors and windows imported from Italy under brand EKU (The Company designs and installs doors, windows and curtain wall panels.)

   (2) Doors, windows, curtain wall panels with cold-rolled steel. (The Company also imports materials, parts and know-how from Italy, which are used in buildings, offices, hospitals, etc.)

   (3) Aluminum wood-cladding doors and windows. These doors and windows are specially designed, making use of the good attributes of the two materials—the beauty of wood, the durability and strong structure of aluminum. The Company has designed these products as substitutes to traditional wooden or aluminum doors and windows. The new products are suitable for resident buildings, reception areas, hotels, or places where elegant looks are required.

   (4) Steel and stainless space frames. (The Company is specialized in designing, assembling and installing these space frames.) The space frames are a type of structure which is designed by taking full advantages of attributes of the materials used, with focus given to the beauty of the structure which consists of well-designed ball joints and connectors. These frames are produced by machines with great precision and exactness.

   (5) Glass and polycarbonate skylights used outside and inside buildings. (The Company is a specialist in designing, assembling and installing these skylights.)

We offer a range of different services for Home Owners & Renovators, Design Professionals, Builder & Trades and Distributors of our products including; technical knowledge, industry know-how, project management, onsite installation supervision, Design and Drafting Services. Sermat co.,ltd. currently represents Profilati SpA. Which is one of leading Aluminium Windows and Doors System Company in Italy. Sermat co.,ltd. has proven to be a leader in achieving quality, long-term relationships with a large amount of high-profile Architectural firms throughout Thailand. Sermat co.,ltd. has been appointed the sales and marketing agent of EKU - High Performance Windows and Doors Systems. The relationship with our suppliers focuses on providing reliable and consistent service to clients.